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Dr. Claudia Schilling
German lawyer, Partner, Specialist lawyer for tenancy and condominium law
+49 (89) 55 89 03–345
+49 (89) 55 89 03-399

Dr. Claudia Schilling advises clients in all legal matters relating to real estate portfolios. She advises lessors and lessees in the execution of commercial lease agreements for all industries and asset classes such as shopping centers and shops, offices, practices, catering, hotels or logistics. In addition, she advises clients in relation to legal problems and topics in the course of a lease, implements joint solutions in contractual terms and conducts lawsuits under tenancy law. She also deals with legal reviews and issues under tenancy law in relation to the purchase of real estate and advises in matters relating to brokerage law and condominium law, including in lawsuits in these areas.

Main focuses
  • Real estate portfolios
  • Commercial tenancy law
  • Brokerage law
  • Condominium law
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
Nadine Kiefer

Lawyer’s assistant

T: +49 (89) 55 89 03-316
F: +49 (89) 55 89 03-399
M: n.kiefer@satell.de